We provide solutions to different business sectors

as close as possible to our customers needs and requirements

Thermal comfort

The thermal comfort sector demands many requirements linked to operating pressures and temperatures. The slightest leak or overheating can have very serious consequences.

Thanks to various product developments for boilers, heat pumps, radiators, air conditioners or any other thermal element making our life more pleasant, our collaborators have a large experience in this sector. The materials used will be carefully chosen, and the products will be tested and validated before their industrialisation.  

The luxury

In this business, every detail is important.

Because of our rigorous and meticulous work, and our specific knowledge in terms of finishing, we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers.  

Security / Fire

This sector logically requires achievements of high quality, robust over time. The smallest defect can have serious consequences. Our achievements have proven themselves in terms of reliability and robustness. Our teams put all their know-how at the service of your safety.

Kitchen / Domestic electrical appliances

Whether it is for the robotic machines of professionals in the culinary world, or for tables of lovers of cooking, our creations bring flavors into our lives.


The water sector requires an essential knowledge of materials and their compatibility. Problems related to water pollution, oxidation, electrolysis will be solved thanks to our expertise in the choice of materials, and our know-how in their transformation.

Other sectors

Our expertise is at the service of various sectors.