Small and medium series

With a 2000 m² production workshop located in the heart of Haute-Savoie, we provide complete machining, assembly, laser marking or percussion engraving services.

We machine all types of steels, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, titanium… as well as plastic materials and their derivatives.

Thanks to our network of local partners, we are able to provide you with cutting, stamping, plastic injection, finishing services, and many more.

Equipment of machines

  • 9 CNC lathes, dual spindles

  • 15 CNC sliding head lathes

  • 2 CNC lathe with robotised charging

Abilities :

  •   Ø2 to 65mm in bars
  • Maximum length about 700mm
  •  2 laser stations

  • 2 micropercussion engraving machines

  • 1 automatic carousel machine

  • 1 semi-automatic assembling station

  • 1 pneumatic press 4.3 tons

  • 4 manual presses

  • 1 3D printer

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Rework, marking, assembly and packaging

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